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Lemon Shark Productions 


Lemon Shark Productions is a fully equipped production house, specializing in original music, tracking, editing, mixing and mastering needs.




For Film, Television, Theater and Media - award winning composer Michelangelo Sosnowitz has years of experience working with directors, editors and producers creating scores and music landscapes. Through narrative cueing, themes and atmospheres, music can be integral to the storytelling and emotional journey. 


We work with some of the largest and smallest advertising agencies creating music for commercial work, from national spots to in-house promotions. 



 We work with companies to create sonic branding- from logos and stingers to full sonic packages. Music and sound design will help brand a company, product or show, making it more recognizable and distinguished.  


We work with several recording artists, writing, recording and producing their tracks with the goal to capture their style and sound. We then release their product across all music platforms. Also, (in the spirit of vertical integration) many of the songs recorded with Lemon Shark get licensed into the films and shows that are worked on by Michelangelo. 

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