Add bite to your projects. 

Lemon Shark Productions works with some of the world's biggest brands across different genres of media. We create music to help storytellers reach their emotional and narrative goals.  

We write and produce songs needed for film, television and media. 

We work with artists to create full length albums for release across all platforms of music. 

Lemon Shark Productions has created music for:
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Chances are, you may have already heard Michelangelo Sosnowitz's music in the form of a commercial jingle, teaser, media logo, pop song or background score. 

Sosnowitz wrote the teaser music to HBO's Generation Kill and the opening theme music to The History Channel show Battles BC. He was the composer for the award winning comedy series Cop Show, written by and starring Colin Quinn. His feature film scores include the Dan Fogler directorial debut Hysterical Psycho, the Deborah Kampmeier films SPLiT and Tape, the Allie Dvorin film A Novel Romance (winner of the New York International Film Festival), and currently Julia Verdin's film Lost Girls. 

Along with film and television music, Michelangelo has written commercial music for Animal Planet, Chiller Network, Garnier Fructis, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, SK Energy Drink and many more. He has also written music for plays, musicals, ballet, television, documentaries, video games and anything else requiring music- including video magazines, meditation music, sports health videos, industrial films, elevator muzak (seriously!), aerobics music, and the Jumbotron at MSG. He has won awards for original music in film and theater including Best Score at the First Run Film Festival and Best Score at the Midtown International Theater Festival.

Michelangelo is also a prolific recording artist, writing and producing albums and songs for several artists across different styles of music. He has placed songs high on the CMJ charts as well as satellite, domestic and internet radio. 


Michelangelo (Mike) grew up in Westport, CT and began with piano lessons at the age of 5. As a child, his world became music and the piano until he was a teenager and then it was keyboards and recording. His first published music happened as a high school student for a PBS special called 'Oysters in the Long Island Sound'. As a Junior, he won the Connecticut Songwriting Competition in it's first year of conception.


Michelangelo would go on to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where he fell in love with film and theater scoring. He wrote music for numerous plays performed at the Stella Adler Conservatory as well as student films from NYU's Tisch Film School. He studied film scoring with Ron Sadoff.